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Congratulations! Theme Font & Size Changer updated successfully. This version contains below improvements:

• Firefox Electrolysis Support

Firefox Electrolysis Support

Theme Font & Size Changer has been updated to add support for upcoming version of Firefox Electrolysis browser. Firefox Electrolysis will be the most modern version of Firefox and it will completely redesign browser experience. Because it is a huge update, many functions and features had to be changed to accommodate new browser internals. We did our best to support every aspect of Theme Font & Size Changer for the new Firefox Electrolysis browser. Please feel free to report if you happen to detect any issues. Thank you very much.

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63 Responses to “Theme Font & Size Changer”
  1. helkav says:

    love this: so many websites are forgetting about accessibility ; seems like the fashion sometimes is to go the other way – this helps redress the balance: I will donate more when I become rich =;-)

  2. Mauge says:

    very nice, great product. have a nice day from La Paz, Bolivia.

  3. john d says:

    i’m very satisfied, with this