Personas Rotator

Congratulations! Personas Rotator updated successfully. This version contains below improvements:

• Firefox Support

Firefox Support

Personas Rotator has been updated to add support for the new version of Firefox browser.

If you find the application useful please support my development efforts.

114 Responses to “Personas Rotator”
  1. allenj says:

    I LOVE personas. I have some 300 favorites, so Rotator is wonderful.
    (My only gripe: it keeps logging me out.)

  2. K A Ramachandran says:

    I like personas, it fulfills my needs and I enjoyed it and welcome it. Thank you peronas Rotator.

  3. K A Ramachandran says:

    There is no word to express about personas rotatar, matchless performance, I always welcome it.

  4. K A Ramachandran says:

    Peronas Rotator which is fulfills my needs I am using it and enjoying it,welcome it.

  5. windy says:

    I love this firefox add on. My browser is no longer boring looking.

  6. The Personas Rotator is very wonderful, It has been improved, I enjoying it and be happy with using it .

  7. makoto says:

    i really love this add-on. it is so refreshing in the eyes.

  8. vanja says:

    I love Personas and expecially the Personas Rotator, becouse I love having new pictures and constantly changing. I will never go back to a “steady” one again. Thank you so much for making it possible, it is a great and usefull tool, wich makes web browsing more interresting.

  9. Connie Hower says:

    I thoroughly enjoy using Firefox and all the add ons that are available that I like. You have a wonderful program with the Persona Rotator and I shall enjoy it very much!

  10. Alan Galdino says:

    I`m pretty glad that Personas is rotating normally again. Thanks!

  11. Melle says:

    Only discovered this app recently and I must say, I love it! Annoying that the migration from one site to another affects the rotation right now but hopefully it’ll get back to normal soon. Love this type of customization, such a useful app!

  12. Sharon says:

    I love Personas. They dress up an otherwise dull & boring screen. I change them a lot as well. Keep the new ones coming. They are so cool.

  13. renmei says:

    Thank you for the latest update. It finally works with the new migration from persona to mozilla! Much needed.

  14. Sulaiman Al-Busaidy says:

    I have always had a hard time picking just one, I usually changed them. It was just perfect for me. Thank you for the personas rotator. I appreciate the continued updates and development.