Feeling Lucky Fixer

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Feeling Lucky Fixer is the ultimate tool to bring back the default I’m Feeling Lucky searches on Firefox and Flock for OpenDNS service subscribers with a quick and easy solution.

OpenDNS is great service as providing safer and faster surfing experience for web users. However when it comes, it brings a big headache for Firefox and Flock users. You can’t use I’m Feeling Lucky searches in address bar any more after registering OpenDNS. All the keywords redirect to OpenDNS Guide page.

I have created an extension that will fix this problem in seconds for Firefox and Flock. Install the extension, restart your browser and bring I’m Feeling Lucky searches back to your Firefox and Flock.

Extension will bring back the default keyword browsing usage to Firefox. All you need to use extension is typing a keyword in location bar that describes your visit site best (e.g. yahoo mail) and pressing Enter.

Install Feeling Lucky Fixer

3 Responses to “Feeling Lucky Fixer”
  1. akp982 says:

    Such a great extenstion, was getting very annoyed with not being able to do that any more.

    Thanks :-)

  2. Roezer says:

    Good Idea I do not use Open DNS since Google DNS was Announced one of the Things that Did Annoy me about using it was their 404 page if you can call it that. Plus there were Many Ads and Sometimes you feel like those pages were displayed on purpose

  3. Dale says:

    Hi Baris

    May I make a suggestion … FLF should actually intercept *any* OpenDNS search result page (which actually means the site was not found) and instead spoof an NXDOMAIN response indicating it was not found.

    Thus the internet is not broken anymore!

    Yay! (Or maybe it is not possible)

    Thanks for reading this far.


    And if you could rewrite the blocked site page to include a link to go straight to the control panel … that would be nice … after all that work you would have to rename the extension to ODF – “OpenDNS Fixer” :-D