Google Redesigned

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Google Redesigned is a complete redesign of popular Google services. Google Redesigned loads and manages several CSS stylesheets that change the appearance of popular tools.

Google Redesigned is the new Firefox extension that completely redesigns popular Google services. The styles are created by Globex Designs company and the extension is released as a plug ‘n play solution for the users to load and manage them easily. Google Redesigned is an Open Source project and I am leading development efforts of the extension.

Google Redesigned aims to fully redesign the look and feel of popular Google services. This is achieved with Cascading StyleSheet (CSS) files which are loaded on the client’s browser. The extension simplifies the use of these styles by providing auto-updates, easy management and notifications of changes.

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7 Responses to “Google Redesigned”
  1. Michael says:

    Hey Baris,

    Your addon and mine (Integrated Gmail) work quite well together. You interested in some cross advertising?


  2. butterfly says:

    very,very nice! much nicer than the older setup. great job!

  3. vikas says:

    Google services are so nice that u can,t avoid them. But using them again & again makes their appearance really boring. This add on helps here. try this. designs are fabulous.

  4. Malcolm Jon says:

    Mighty impressive, been waiting for Google to do something like this for ages and all it took was someone like you! Good on you mate – Keep it up !
    PS – any chance you can have a look at our site and give your views on what it would take to revamp and tweak it ? done in a rush ages ago and too busy to look at it – or just leave it to the pro’s ?
    Zeane Digital Solutions

  5. very nice! much nicer than the older setup. great job!

  6. RK Singh says:

    very nice! great job! Baris

  7. Melinda says:


    It is great. Please add support for Firefox Electrolysis.