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Personas Rotator is a new companion for Personas Firefox add-on to change your beloved Personas skins periodically on Firefox. What Will Your Browser Wear Now?

Personas Rotator is a rewarded Firefox add-on to change over 65000+ skins periodically on Firefox. Personas Rotator will automatically rotate the Personas skins you have. If you logged in and have favorites in the system, the add-on will try to rotate your My Favorites personas. If you did not log in the system and have no My Favorites personas, the rotation is completely random through different collections over 65000+ skins. The rotation interval time is set to 1 minute as default and you can change this value through settings to your liking.

You can also add any skin to your favorites by using special toolbar buttons. Rotate Next functionality will switch to another skin if you did not like the current Persona. You can use or adjust the keyboard short-cuts from Options panel of Personas Rotator.

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57 Responses to “Personas Rotator”
  1. Jatin says:

    Can I rotate some of my offline custom personas or specify the folder that contains personas images?

  2. Baris Derin says:

    Currently it is not available. Maybe in future versions.

  3. Tim Woods says:

    One more thing- is it possible to not download the themes I don’t want when cycling through? I find it slightly annoying.

  4. Baris Derin says:

    Hello Tim,

    If you sign in and add some personas to your favorites, you will get a certain order collection if you choose the Rotation Category as My Favorites from Personas Rotator options. That way only the personas you want be cycled and downloaded.

  5. Agustin Bosso says:

    Amazing extension. Is a must have
    I have a problem, and i think im not the only one. When y choose a category in the Rotator options it only rotates in the top Personas from that category, an there are the same as appear in Tools > Personas > All > [any category]. Is this a limitation from Personas? cause it cycle over and over on the same 10 Personas. Thank you a lot!

  6. Baris Derin says:

    Hello Agustin,


    It is the limitation of Personas Plus, not the Personas Rotator. Personas Plus bundles 10 personas for each category so the Personas Rotator cycles the personas available.

    Actually you are requesting fetching personas from But this feature should be implemented by Personas Plus but I will have look at what can I do.

    The best way to use the add-on is having an account of and adding personas to My Favorites.

  7. Reggie says:

    Really awesome!!!

    It would be cool if you can make a rotator for your browser background app too. I have that as well and love it

  8. mindjam says:

    it’s cool to have this……….esp.when your bored of the plain white browser of yours…:))

  9. Kewl says:

    Persona changes when restarting firefox even after setting intervals. Please fix it so it won’t change each time firefox is restarted. Great addon, thank you. ( still waiting for Thunderbird support ;P )

  10. Kewl says:

    Oh no! just read Baris Derin’s post about the 10 personas’ limitation, this is really frustrating! this is exactly what i hated about persona plus. it makes this addon useless except for choosing the interval. Please find a way to fetch personas form, from the whole collection rather than only 10, if it’s possible, now that would be what this addon should do and it would be perfect then. Waiting for the next version. Thank you again.

  11. tharpa says:

    Nice, but it seems like the personas are not truly random. According to the menu, there are over 100,000 (!) personas in the All category. But yet, I get a lot of repeats. (I do not have anything in My Favorites.)

  12. jack bravo says:

    this is a really great add-on mr derin but i was wondering if there was a way for personas rotator to change personas only when you open firefox instead of with the set time

  13. Julia says:

    I’m too am disappointed that the rotation isn’t truly random. I was really hoping to get a broad taste of the variety of personas out there since I don’t currently use the “favorites” feature. Would love to see any improvement in this area.

  14. xLazyJx says:

    I love this add-on, variety is good plus you get to try personas without having to browse through thousands of them. Keep up the good work. I was just wondering if there was a way to only rotate what I have installed already in my Firefox?

  15. Baris Derin says:

    Hello xLazyJx,

    I hope to add such a functionality in next versions of Personas Rotator.

  16. Jonathan says:

    Personas rotator is a very good idea!! It just need a few more things:

    This is my “wish list” to personas rotator:

    -A button on the bar to change to the next persona (for example, if I choose “all” categories, there are some personas I didn’t like, so it would be nice if I can change it with one click)
    -A way to choose more than one category to rotate (for example with checkboxes)This is because sometimes there are more than one category I like, but there are only one option in that case: Choosing all categories (which is not a solution, because I really don’t want to rotate between every of them).

  17. Thebigpotato says:

    Hi Baris Derin,
    I’ve just installed persona plus and persona rotator, and I’m happy to see personas changing every minute.
    I’ve also read your message about the next version which will support favourites or personas already installed (because there are many personas on the web and they’re all installing on my computer ^^), but I wonder about the development of this version. I don’t mean I want the new version now, but only know at which part of the developement you are.
    Thanks to you, for your great work.

    PS : And please excuse my bad English, I learn.

    PS2 : Please erase my older message, I just want to change a phrase.

  18. Baris Derin says:

    Hi Thebigpotato,

    It is currently supported. If you sign in and add some personas to your favorites, you will get a certain order collection. Then you should choose the Rotation Category as My Favorites from Personas Rotator options. That way only the personas you want be cycled and downloaded.

    PS: Personas Rotator Options are placed in Personas Plus menu which is available via left click to Personas status-bar icon.

  19. Thebigpotato says:

    Yes, I’ve Installed Personas Plus (named Personas 1.5.3 in my installed extensions), and I’ve tested to select My Favourites in the Personas Rotator menu, but it ask me to login to the site, even if I’m already logged.
    What have I to do ?

  20. Jonathan says:

    The “rotate next” function it’s working perfectly!!

    I just wonder if you can make a button to put it on the toolbar