Sidebar Companion for Google Sidewiki

Sidebar Companion for Google Sidewiki Project Image

Sidebar Companion for Google Sidewiki is the new Firefox add-on that brings the Google Sidewiki entries about the loaded web page right into your Firefox sidebar.

• Contribute and read helpful information alongside any web page.
• Publish helpful information about any web page right in your browser
• Read insights in context from Sidewiki entries added by others
• Share Sidewiki entries through Blogger, Facebook, Twitter and Google Profiles
• Contribute helpful information to any web page

View other people’s perspectives on any webpage or contribute your own entries by clicking the Sidewiki button in the Sidebar Companion for Google Sidewiki. As you surf the Web, check the Sidewiki entries available for the page you’re viewing.

See a Sidewiki entry that you’d like to share with a friend? Click Share at the bottom of any entry. You can copy the link for the entry or email the entry directly to your friends. You can also post the entry to your Facebook or Twitter account.

Just click on the yellow statusbar icon to open up Sidebar Companion for Google Sidewiki to get the related Sidewiki entries for the page you’re viewing. If the sidebar is open, it will auto-refresh the Sidewiki entries each time a web page is loaded in browser. Also when tabs switched, the add-on will automatically refresh Sidewiki entries for the active web page.

Install Sidebar Companion for Google Sidewiki

2 Responses to “Sidebar Companion for Google Sidewiki”
  1. Matt Yorek says:

    Nice work… my brief time with the your various add-0ons is enjoyable

  2. Robert Run says:

    This is so great.. to be able to enjoy the sidewiki service without having to install the toolbar..

    Thank You.. Fantastic.