Thanks for Donating

Readability Changelog Image

Thank you very much for supporting the project and my effort. I really appreciate it. As a supporter, you have the email support opportunity. So you can send any support question about the Readability to directly

3 Responses to “Thanks for Donating”
  1. John Di says:

    I really like this tool. Good stuff! So far, I have not encountered any issues as others have indicated.

    Plan to provide additional donations (currently unemployed; sorry for the small amt.)

  2. This has now become one of my standard add-ons.
    Great for structuring the page for an easy clip to OneNote.

  3. Rex says:

    Your site filters out all the ads, banners, etc. that I would have to do myself when printing an article or saving the text as a document – it saves me a ton of time. Thanks for the service.