YouTube Flash Video Player

Congratulations! YouTube Flash Video Player updated successfully. This version contains below improvements:

• Firefox Support

Firefox Support

YouTube Flash Video Player has been updated to add support for the new version of Firefox browser.

If you find the application useful please support my development efforts.

20 Responses to “YouTube Flash Video Player”
  1. Gerben de Boer says:

    I use presice puppy Linux.

  2. Tony Martens says:

    Hey thanks for the update on flash. hope this works better than the NIL working version of flash which does not perform on the current Firefox for some 2 and bit weeks now. Which has annoyed me greatly.

  3. John Ssekyanzi says:

    Hi this is wonderful i like it i wish you a Mery Christmas & Happy New Year.

  4. Pat Farr says:

    this thing works good! cool

  5. saravana says:

    thank you for update very effective and good quality for youtube videos

  6. Wayne Reinert says:

    really nice website! the latest version works perfect. Great work teams!!

  7. James A. Tyrrell says:

    Is there any way of making this the default video player in Firefox?

  8. Richard Leiva says:

    Thank you, Barin Derin; I am not a computer wizard. Technology is not easy for me, but I hope that I will be able to use YouTube Flash Video Player. I am old and retired, but as soon as I’m able I will support your development efforts in a most practical way. English is my second language, but I will manage OK. Thanks again!
    Richard Leiva, aka Jose Ricardo Leiva

  9. moh. teranggono says:

    thank so lot for your fully help that bring me easy and comfortable to use your application

  10. William says:

    Thank you for your good addon. I hope the next version will support an additional option to set the resolution of video.

  11. ankit says:

    Excellent quality of video. Having great fun…..Enjoying watching player…


    it was useful and thanks for the support

  13. Erik says:

    Happy to see you support Chrome now.

  14. Aniku David says:

    I really appreciate the way you co operates thank you so much

  15. Alireza Davatgar says:

    thanks for invent , share the good things that makes days more beautiful.

  16. Tayeb Elasma says:

    I am very thankful for the automatic update of my you tube flash video player that allows me to watch videos in a clear way without any cuts for them.

  17. ALLAN LOVE JR says:


  18. Francis PICON says:


  19. sudarkodi says:

    very nice and thank you

  20. radek vasa says:

    thank you…I have Linux and so I am always I’m glad when Flash is getting better and better..