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Congratulations! Open With Opera installed successfully for Google Chrome. Please follow below steps to set Open With Opera to start using it.

You have successfully installed Open With Opera add-on but you just need some easy steps to set things up before using Open With Opera. Actually we create software which works out of box that does not require any additional step to use. Open With Opera for Opera works without any configuration and you can use it as soon as you install the add-on. But Google Chrome restricts extensions to access other programs installed on your computer for security reasons. Therefore you need to have a communicator software which needs to carry messages between Open With Opera extension and Opera itself. We are really sorry about this extra requirement for Google Chrome version of Open With Opera, but this requirement is a necessity beyond our control. Anyway, required steps are not complicated and it can be done in only 15 seconds, fortunately.

1. Please download our communicator software to your computer by clicking the below download link. Please note that only Ubuntu Desktop with Unity, CentOS 7 GNOME and CentOS 7 KDE are tested and supported for Linux, as of now.

Download OWO Communicator

2. Extract the downloaded archive file. After extraction, cd into the extracted directory by Terminal.

3. Run ./OWO.Communicator command in Terminal. Type your root password for administrative privileges. In a second or so, you will be welcomed by a success installation notification.

That is it. Now you can go any web page in Google Chrome and click on Open With Opera toolbar button to send the very page to Opera.

Open With Opera is a new companion for Chrome users to send web pages to Opera with an easy and quick mouse click.

If you find the application useful please support my development efforts.