Open With Opera

Congratulations! Open With Opera updated successfully. This version contains below improvements:

• Backward Compatibility Support

Backward Compatibility Support

Open With Opera has been updated to improve backward compatibility support for older versions of Firefox browser.

If you find the application useful please support my development efforts.

One Response to “Open With Opera”
  1. Roger R says:

    Good idea. Opera having dramatically changed its configuration, it may be helpful to others to be aware of my use of Opera Notes in particular. Notes, to me at least, is a greatly underrated function of Opera. As it has been deleted from Opera 15, Opera 12.17 is the last Opera browser version I’ll be using.

    My Opera Notes files are actually a large collection of media articles from the internet, each note therefore being between 500 and 3000 bytes in size – being grouped by category and subcategory, which naturally alter as more are added. It is much easier to move and regroup them in Opera than in a Word file. Also large Word files (up 6,000 pages of text) are unstable, and as inconvenient as Opera’s autosave function. As Notes are automatically created with URL &c, the Copy to Note function is – especially en masse – much more convenient than cut-and-paste to a Word document.

    Having tried about a dozen note/bookmark managers, my strongest comment is how excruciatingly bad some of the design and programming really is. Only one of those programmes even sort of allowed using the first line of whatever was copied as the title line – so simple, as Opera does, yet they couldn’t even get that right! As a group, they are dreadful; Opera pre-15 was a browser, yet it is a better (also simpler, and more versatile) Notes Manager than any of them.

    Unlike most users, bookmarks are of absolutely no value whatever to me. Indeed, bookmarks’ only value is that up to Opera 9.27, one could use Bookmarks as a temporary storage/transfer hub, which is much more precise and reliable than importing. A very useful function, lost from 9.50 and now completely gone with Opera 15. Unlike File > New and File > Import, the File > Open feature in Bookmarks allowed the current file to be neatly closed and the desired one opened. So the overall Notes collection can easily be broken down into lots of smaller files, rendering the time lost to autosave much less important.

    So I still use both 9.27 and 12.17.