Open With Google Chrome

Open With Google Chrome How to Use Guide Image

Congratulations! Open With Google Chrome installed successfully. You can right now start using your new add-on.

Open With Google Chrome lets you send any web page, tab, link and image from Firefox to Google Chrome browser by right clicking on them.

Open With Google Chrome also supports Firefox for Android.

Open With Google Chrome™ is a helper tool for Google Chrome™ users. Open With Google Chrome™ is not officially affiliated with Google Chrome™ or any Google Chrome™ products. Google Chrome™ and Google Chrome™ Logo are registered trademarks of Google Inc..

If you find the application useful please support my development efforts.

7 Responses to “Open With Google Chrome”
  1. alejandro says:

    es el programa mas rapido y bueno en todo los google

  2. norman says:

    absolutely great work by you…


    just learning computer tech, this is simplified. thank you TLyn

  4. sanjay kumar says:

    really it is very useful for me.

  5. harshitha says:

    i love google chrome it is the best voting for it

  6. Ghulam Haidar says:

    I like chrome. it works better

  7. Michael says:

    Would it be possible to create a configuration option that always opens some sites in chrome?

    I find that I cannot run Firefox for more than 15 – 20 minutes after accessing Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheets or Google Analytics before the screen freaks out – and stays freaked out until I completely close firefox, re-open it, close any tabs that were re-opened automatically, close it again, then re-open it again.

    An add-on that pushed all google apps access to chrome would be very useful…