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Congratulations! Reader installed successfully. You can right now start using your new add-on.

Reader is the ultimate Reader tool for your Firefox that brings the Safari 5 Reader features to Firefox and provides you the best reading experience by transforming text on any website using fonts, colors, and layouts of your choosing in a clean and distraction free environment.

✓ 16 Million Color

Reader lets you adjust your Reading pane to the ultimate possible level. You can choose any color from Color Pickerpanel for your text, background and anchor elements.

✓ Custom Fonts

Reader lets you assign any Font on your Operating System for your Reading pane. You choose your favorite font from Helvetica to Verdana.

✓ Print Less

Reader lets you print your Reading pane in user and economy friendly way.

✓ Auto Scroll

Reader provides Auto Scroll functionality so that you can read your web pages in a steady pace.

✓ Select and Read

Reader lets you select any portion of the web page and read it by choosing Read in Reader option in the context menu.

To use it just click the Reader icon on Firefox add-on bar. Also by right clicking on Reader status-bar icon you can get other Styling Options.

After a few seconds the web page will be simplified and you will achieve easy to read content panel. To exit the panel just click anywhere outside the content area.

You can mail and print the page, access options and exit the Reader mode from controls panel.

If the add-on can not achieve a desired success you can manually select the text and then click the add-on bar icon or toolbar icon or choose Read in Reader option from the context menu to get the simplified version of the selected text.

You can also add a Toolbar button to the navigation toolbox. Right click on any toolbar button and choose the “Customise” option to drag the icon in toolbox.

Keyboard short-cut to activate Reader is CTRL+ALT+R combination.

Keyboard short-cut to activate Auto Scroll is CTRL+SHIFT+S combination.

Reader based on Gabriel Coarna’s Readable bookmarklet.

If you find the application useful please support my development efforts.

15 Responses to “Reader”
  1. Sergey Glita says:

    Thanks, that’s great, but IMHO, you need to consider interaction with NoScript.

  2. vandalizmo says:

    It dosn’t work properly – lost labels in menu (actually it’s bug in both Your addons – Readability after updating to 1.0 is also broken)


  3. Baris Derin says:

    It is because of the personas skins you use. Inform the author of the Personas that it breaks statusbar panel colors. After you deactivate your current personas the labels will have their original color again.

  4. John says:

    I like this and I appreciate all the options you give for width and font size (Although of course I’d like light yellow with regular black for my colors).

  5. John says:

    After using this for a while it would be nice to have a choice of hyperlink color. The light blue is distracting.

  6. RNiK says:

    “Font” preference doesn’t seem to work on Google Reader (

    Reader OFF ==>
    Reader ON, Medium size font ==>
    Reader ON, Extra size font ==>

    Firefox 3.6.8 on Windows XP.

    NOTE – I’ve been able to reproduce the problem ONLY on Google Reader. All other Reader preferences (Font, Box-width, Inner margin, ecc…) work fine.

  7. Stanislav Zhurakovskiy says:

    Boris, sorry, can you speak russian? Otherwise, I think you are great programmer, today I start use Reader, it’s so delicious! And I will ask you, please add option to cut scroll bar on Reader, because it will be so similar and tasty, like Reader in Safary 5, even better! Thank you for your work!

  8. blindguydosee says:

    Thank You. I am Blind. And have to use a Screen Magnifier. This is sweet for resizing Text. Stylish sent me to you.

  9. Prince says:

    Great job, I am trying to get used to reader shortcut. Thanks.

  10. Enrique Lozano Campos says:

    Thanks, that’s great.


  11. Patrick Musa says:

    Thanks it is working well for me.

  12. HlaThein says:

    Thanks so much for your kind permission for me to download as I am a serious READER.

  13. utku says:

    Eline sağlık Barış. Bir ara yine kurmuştum, çok da hoşuma gitmişti fakat fare ile aşağı yukarı kaydırma özelliği çalışmayınca kaldırmak zorunda kalmıştım. Şimdi tekrar baktım artık çalışıyor. İreader kullanmıyoruz artık. Sayenizde. Thanks.

  14. Tin Naing Htoo says:

    Thanks, that’s great.

  15. seyfi topuz says:

    Teşekkürler, çok sık kullanıyorum. firefox u kurduktan sonra yüklediğim ilk uygulamalardan.