Readability How to Use Guide Image

Congratulations! Readability installed successfully. Other than installing the extension, you don’t need anything more to use the add-on.

To use it just click the R icon on Firefox statusbar. Also by right clicking on R icon you can get other Styling Options.

Yo can also add a Toolbar button to the navigation toolbox. Right click on any toolbar button and choose the “Customise” option to drag the icon in toolbox.

The keyboard shortcut to activate Readability is CTRL+ALT+R combination. To return to original page use CTRL+R combination.

Mac users: please use Command+Option+R combination to activate Readability. To return to original page use Command+R combination.

Readability contains Autoscroll functionality, too.

As the name suggests Autoscroll functionality will let you scroll the pages automatically without using your mouse or keyboard. After you activate the Readability and simplify the page, just press CTRL + SHIFT + A keyboard combination to start using the Autoscroll.


0-9 : Set scroll speed, 0 being stand-still and 9 being skim-speed
– : Decrease speed
= : Increase speed
shift + – : Decrease speed quickly
shift + = : Increase speed quickly
ESC or q : Quit

Autoscroll does not require activating Readability. It simply works on any long web page you come up with. But combined with Readability it just improves the idea.

If you find the application useful please support my development efforts.

49 Responses to “Readability”
  1. Hello,
    I love the Readability bookmarklet and was excited to see it as an extension. Unfortunately, I have one big problem. I also have a feature request.

    The problem: control+alt+R does not activate Readability for me. I’m using Vimperator and a ton of other plugins; possibility for a conflict is there. I will attempt to find a key combination that works, however it’d be helpful if it were possible to activate Readability through the mouse+taskbar icon alone.

    Request: please make it work offline! I have a spotty internet connection, so I often download pages for later viewing, and it’d be lovely if I could use this plugin without an internet connection.

    Thank you!
    Dan Rasmussen

  2. Geoff Craven says:

    I have been using “Readability” very happily on Safari, and with thanks, and have now downloaded to Firefox but am unable to work out how to activate it. On Safari I just click on the :Readability” icon that I have on the bookmark bar but this doesn’t work on Firefox. Is there some little thing that I am missing? I don’t profess to know how these things work.

  3. yahya says:

    Baris Derin,

    Congratulations on a great idea! Readability is such an issue with the welter of non-standard, cluttered, non-designed websites out there; readers need all the help they can get.

    Thanks, too for providing a large default typeface for comments. It’s really helpful for those of us with impaired vision.

    And auto-scroll TOO? Simply amazing! Another great idea, yet hardly publicised at all. Please don’t be shy in telling people what your software can do.

    I’m going to publicise Readability among my friends at the Melbourne PC User Group; I trust some will appreciate it enough to send money ;-)

    Thanks for making this available.


  4. Alonzo says:

    One of the best add-ons ever! Makes web pages appear as they should. Perhaps the add-on could be renamed “Web Page Decrapifier”.

  5. alex_mayorga says:

    Please update “just click the R icon on Firefox statusbar” to “just click the couch icon on Firefox statusbar” ;-)

    Thanks for this add-on! I can’t live without it now =)

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  7. Mike says:

    This tool is awesome. I hate it when developers don’t make the font-size big enough to read. Thanks for developing something that works fantastic!

  8. francisco23 says:

    The “learn more” tab of the app website implies the free app can be used to save articles to kindle.

    How is this function enabled?

    I can see the email icon, but sending the document to my kindle address does not work.

    If this could be enabled, as advertised, it would be a fantastic tool for me for on the go reading.

    Still a good tool for uncluttered online web reading though and does what it says on the tin.

  9. Baris Derin says:

    Hello Fransisco,

    It is not active in the current version of the add-on. It will be included in the next versions of the add-on.