Readability Changelog Image

Congratulations! Readability updated successfully. This version contains below improvements:

• Firefox 7 Support

Firefox 7 Support

Readability has been updated to support upcoming Firefox 7.

If you find the application useful please support my development efforts.

49 Responses to “Readability”
  1. cupuacu says:

    Why is it that it often does not copy the author’s name and date of the article which appears on the original page?

  2. S. E. Strong says:

    Oh, thanks for reviving Readability to work with #4. No other similar add-on is as good. If only Norton would get the message. {And. . . if only I could learn to like #4!}

  3. narr_readability says:

    Baris, thank you.

    I was really thinking Readability was going to a server-fenced model.

    That you open this afresh is much appreciated.


  4. Reims says:

    Sometimes there are quotes in the article that get cut off. Please, make the quotes appear too.
    Thank you for this cool add-on!

  5. Don Kingsley says:

    A wonderful addition especially for us “geezers” with impaired vision

  6. Rex says:

    Good update. Stunned. It is one of the best add-ons in the world.

  7. Bruce Naylor says:

    Just got the upgrade. Thanks
    Cool new logo!

  8. Susan Smalley says:

    Use on multiple sites and recently not working as well as in the past, post noteworthy if there are multiple chapters in the past it would show multiple chapters in “readability” mode, and doesn’t now. I still appreciate the technology greatly, though-thanks!

  9. Rob Wheeler says:

    I’d like to see an export to Epub as well as to Kindle format. After all – Epub is all set to become the defacto stanardard. Surely the coding must be pretty simple if you have managed to do it for Kindle. I await developments with eager anticipation. RJW